Opening Minds, Bridging Differences, 犹太人的生活价值观.



As 教育工作者 of high school students, 威尼斯娱乐网站认识并欣赏青春期的复杂性,并提供一个刺激的项目, 挑战, and engages our adolescent students intellectually, 审美, 在情感上, 和道德上. We prize the availability and accessibility of our faculty members who foster relationships with students that enrich the high school experience.

在学科, we develop critical thinking skills by identifying cognitive processes and subjecting them to intellectual standards that enrich both the classroom discourse and students’ writing. 才华横溢的教师让学生在开放的教室环境中进行动态学习, 基于探究的, 以学生为中心, and hospitable to a variety of learning styles. 威尼斯娱乐网站的学术计划是复杂的,综合的和广泛的教师合作的产品. 跨学科的选修课为学生提供了更深入研究一个主题的独特机会. 笔记本电脑的合并, 电子白板, 其他数字技术丰富了课堂内外的学术项目


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